The GITAM Technology Enabling Centre (G-TEC) has received funding from the Department of Science & Technology (DST) of Rs. 3,28,00,000 for five years.      Inauguration of GITAM - Technology Enabling Centre (G-TEC) on 2nd June 2023 at GITAM, Visakhapatnam campus.      G-TEC Anusandhan - Lab to market: A technology exhibition for academic institutions' on 29th August.
What is a Technology Enabling Center (TEC)? A Technology Enabling Center (TEC) is a facility that provides various technology-related services and resources to support the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
What kind of services do TECs offer? TECs typically offer a range of services, such as technology assessment, product design and development, prototyping, testing, market research, technology transfer, and intellectual property management.
Who can benefit from TEC services? TEC services are primarily designed to benefit SMEs, entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators who are looking to develop and commercialize new technologies or improve existing ones.
How can I access TEC services? You can access TEC services by contacting a TEC directly or through various government programs and initiatives that support technology development and commercialization.
Are TEC services free? TEC services are typically subsidized by the government or other funding agencies, which means that they may be available at a reduced cost or free of charge to eligible SMEs and entrepreneurs.
Are there TECs in every state in India? While TECs are not available in every state in India, there are several TECs located across the country, with a focus on promoting technology development and commercialization in various sectors.
Can TECs help me secure funding for my technology project? Yes, TECs can help you identify and apply for various funding opportunities that are available to support technology development and commercialization in India.